Scott Walker's On His Way to the GOP Graveyard

Republican Scott Walker got himself elected governor of Wisconsin in 2010. After eight years of severe partisanship in the Badger State, mostly caused by his anti-union animus, and because of his own misdeeds, Gov. Walker got himself defeated on November 6, with substantial help from Donald Trump (Walker helped Trump win more votes in the Badger State than Hillary did in 2016 because Hillary flunked Wisconsin politics that year, having taken it for granted). But because of Republican gerrymandering, the Republicans in the legislature, who hold the majority in the legislature (and they will, as well, next year), just rushed through legislation, in the middle of the night, to make it nearly impossible for Walker’s Democratic Governor-elect, Tony Evers, and Democratic Attorney General-elect, John Kaul, to do what the good voters of Wisconsin elected them to do. See Cillizza at 


Wisconsin used to be known as a progressive state politically, but then, along came Walker, who stripped public employees of most of their rights. Now Walker’s goin’ bye-bye. He ran against Trump in 2016 but folded his campaign in September 2015 after only one or two debates (Trump insulted and cowed his 16 opponents as he took over the GOP, rebranding it as the Trump Party (the I’m An Angry White Guy/Gal And I’m With Trump Party)).


No doubt Walker’s angling for a cushy job with Trump, and not in a state where it’s cold in the winter. Fat Chris Christie, yet another GOP pol who stood on the stage with Trump in 2015 and 2016, hasn’t gotten one yet either, partly because Christie, as United States Attorney for the Garden State, appointed by W, sent Son-in-Law-in-Chief Jared Kushner’s father, Charles Kushner, to prison for financial crimes and witness tampering in 2005.


As we have noted numerous times in this online newspaper, Republicans will do anything to stay in power. They are NOT the Party of the People.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones tells us that Walker will be lucky if Trump taps him as his ambassador to Antarctica. She also tells us that Christie’s never gonna get a job with Trump because of Jared.


ASR Jones also tells us that the White House is seriously worried as to whether Trump will be impeached, and that Sen. Jeff Flake, a Mormon from Arizona who hates Trump, is talking on a daily basis with Ohio Gov. John Kasich (yet another 2016 Trump opponent) to see which of the two of them will be the first to challenge Trump in 2020. In any case, it won’t be bigmouth lawyer Michael Avenatti, who thinks he’s cute enough (only he sure as h isn’t) to win the  Dem presidential primary in 2020 (if Avenatti were, against all odds, to grab the Dem presidential nomination, his running mate would be his most notorious client, Stormy Daniels — the woman Kim Jongun wanted Trump to bring with him to Singapore).