Trump Tells Chief Justice Roberts to Fire Judge Who Blocked His Asylum Order

Time was, when we as a nation welcomed immigrants. That’s why we have Lady Liberty in New York Harbor.


Federal Judge Jon S. Tigar has issued a temporary restraining order blocking Donald Trump from denying asylum to those crossing from Mexico into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or California if they cross over our southern border between ports of entry (in other words, illegally) (


Judge Tigar accused Trump of trying to rewrite immigration laws.


As we all know, Trump has a big big problem with anger.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Trump when he called Chief Justice John Roberts and told him to tell Tigar, “Your’re fired!”


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman was with Chief Justice Roberts when he took the call.


“But Sir, I can’t do that. Sir, that would be unconstitutional.”


“John, I don’t give a rat’s ___ what you think!”


Associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson was with Judge Tigar in his chambers in San Francisco when the judge issued another order, this one confining Trump to the psychiatric ward at George Washington University Hospital, not far from the White House.