Bolton Quits After Melania Insists That His Top Deputy Be Ousted

National Security Advisor John Bolton’s Deputy, Mira Ricardel, managed to get herself crossways with Melania during her solo trip to Africa.


Disputes erupted over seating on the airplane and requests to use National Security Council resources.


Not only that, but some on Melania’s staff have suspected that Ricardel is responsible for some negative stories about Melania — per The Wall Street Journal (


All this happened while Hawk-in-Chief Bolton is in Singapore, where he is meeting with heads of state at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit (


Associate solitary reporter Ko Il-sun asked Bolton whether he felt betrayed by Melania.


Bolton’s response was swift and to the point. “Mira is more important to me than my wife, my sister, or my mother. Since Mira’s being let go, I’m just going to stay in Singapore where they really respect authority.”


Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman just spoke with Ricardel, who told her that she’s already en route to Singapore to meet up with Bolton.