Our Board Here At Apocryphal Press Urges Pulitzer Prize for Politico's Rustaccia and Orr

Your solitary reporter has a totally awesome board of directors, consisting of all our associate solitary reporters. Three of them (not including ASRs Johanna Jones and Susanna Sherman) are real people.


Since Donald Trump has upended not only the Republican Party but much of our democracy, it falls to our Board to suggest Pulitzer Prizes for great reporting by the media (most of which Trump conspicuously despises).


For years, Trump has stoked political violence. 


During his extremely unlikely campaign against Hillary Clinton in 2016, he suggested that "Second Amendment people” could take matters into their own hands if Hillary won. 


When a loathsome white nationalist killed a counter-protester in Charlottesville last year, Trump said that there were good people on both sides.


At his xenophobic rallies, he applauds those who punch his opponents.


At a Montana rally where he is trying to unseat Dem senator John Tester, he praised GOP Congressman Greg Gianforte for punching out a reporter for The Guardian.


Worse yet, after pipe bombs were sent to prominent Democratic leaders and anti-Trump activists yesterday, Trump decried “political violence” and hypocritically presented himself as a bipartisan leader claiming to espouse civil political discourse.


A pipe bomb was sent to President Obama’s CIA Director, John Brennan. In response, Brennan suggested that Trump look in the mirror to discern at least a small amount of the harm he has created by his totally abrasive public persona.


That’s why Trump will get his comeuppance on November 6. He may keep the Senate, but he’ll lose the House.


In Colorado, Congressman Jared Polis, a Democrat, is sure to defeat Bush family member Walker Stapleton in the governor’s race. In Florida, Democrat Andrew Gillum will beat Congressman Ron DeSantis, and in Georgia, Stacey Abrams will defeat Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who has been doing his utmost to make it very difficult for people of color to vote.


In yesterday’s Politico, Andrew Rustaccia and Gabby Orr illustrated Trump’s total hypocrisy when it comes to political violence: (https://www.politico.com/story/2018/10/24/trump-political-violence-packages-936274).


That’s why we here commend Rustaccia and Orr to the Pulitizer Prize Committee at Columbia so they can be recognized for their excellence in National Reporting.