What Trump Told Pompeo to Say to Crown Prince MBS; Pence Will Be in Denver Tomorrow, But Only to Raise Big Bucks for Trump's PAC

Donald Trump dispatched his Secretary of State, former Kansas Tea Party Congressman Mike Pompeo, to Ankara and Riyadh because it seems extremely likely that MBS (Saudi Crown Prince Mohamad bin Salman) ordered the grisly torture and execution, two full weeks ago, of Saudi journalist Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi (جمال خاشقجي‎ ), a contributor to Trump’s much-disfavored Washington Post, at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.


So Pompeo met with Turkey’s very autocratic leader, Recep Tayyan Erdogan, and MBS, and the cameras recorded the event.


Pompeo’s a big dude, and he knows how to smile.


Trump has had business dealings with Saudi Arabia for years. He denies that he is covering for MBS, but Trump has no experience in foreign policy.


And he used the same BS to protect MBS that he used to force Brett Kavanaugh onto SCOTUS -- guilty until proved innocent.


The Saudis, powered by their ultra-fundamentalist Wahhabi beliefs, emerged from the desert into one of the world’s strictest, most autocratic places in the world (they got the oil), and they very much enjoy the humanitarian crisis which they created in Yemen, as Iran, a Shiite state, is involved in the conflict there, and Trump, who is greatly enamored of the Saudis, is providing major military assistance to the Saudis; and Trump loves that his Son-in-Law-in-Chief made a huge arms deal with MBS.


So we asked associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones to clue us in on Trump’s most recent conversation with his beleaguered Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly.


Because she is always at Trump’s side, whether he knows it or not, ASR Jones was able to eavesdrop on their conversation.


“John, tell Pompeo to ask bin Salman how I can make America great by instituting a monarchy here, just like what he’s got.”


Kelly left the room and had a long conversation with his wife.


Elsewhere, Downtown Denver is doing a very poor job preparing for the arrival of former conservative Indiana radio talk show host Mike Pence. Pence will be at a fancy restaurant raising money — not for Republican candidates in Colorado’s midterms, but for Trump’s PAC, the America First PAC.


Brett Kavanaugh won’t be there, but he might as well be.


Your solitary reporter will not be in attendance.