Trump Praises Robert E. Lee After Hosting Kanye; Update on Saudi-US Relations After Khashoggi Disappearance

As Trevor Noah said so well on The Daily Show on Thursday, after Trump welcomed MAGA hat-wearing Kanye Kardashian West to the White House, accompanied by three thousand cameras, now the only black people Trump knows are Kanye and Ben Carson.


Trouble is, he probably can’t tell them apart.


Yesterday, he went to Ohio to stir up trouble. He did that very well by praising the memory of Robert E. Lee, who had nothing to do with Ohio other than wanting to defeat whatever Union armies might be there, and then he implied that Honest 

Abe Lincoln — a Republican — was an ineffective leader during the Civil War (


Today, CNN reported that Trump is upset with Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman (“MBS”) over the disappearance (and probable murder), inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, of Washington Post contributor and Saudi national Jamal Khashoggi (جمال خاشقجي‎).


Although the Q’uran requires hospitality, it seems that MBS had something in mind for Khashoggi other than offering him tea and hummus.


Saudi Arabia was the first foreign destination which Trump visited in 2017, and he loved all the attention paid to his fragile ego there, while Son-in-Law In Chief Jared Kushner negotiated a huge arms sale to the Saudis so they could continue devastastating Yemen. 


But though Trump ain’t at all pleased by what MBS has apparently done to Khashoggi, it seems clear he won’t cancel the arms sale.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones talked with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin early this morning and asked him whether he plans to boycott Salman’s cosmetic meeting there next week. Mnuchin told Jones that he only does what Trump tells him to do.