Taylor Swift Endorsement Guarantees that Schumer Will Be Senate Majority Leader in January

Democrat, combat veteran, and former Army Ranger Jason Crow is a sure bet to defeat Mike Coffman (TP-Aurora), who has represented Colorado’s 6th Congressional District for way too many years.


The Democrats — that is, the party which actually cares about real people — are poised to take back the House, but their chances of regaining the Senate are often said to be slim.


Us Dems coulda taken the Senate in 2016, but that was a presidential year, when everything headed south, especially when Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio, or Jeb! shoulda gotten the nomination of their now failing party.


Doom and gloomsters are predicting that North Dakota’s junior senator, Democrat Heidi Heitkamp, will lose to Trump-favored Congressman (and ND’s got only one member of the House) Kevin Cramer. Which is why Trump has expended millions of gallons of airplane fuel trying to assure a GOP victory in North Dakota so Mitch McConnell can stay in power.


But they don’t know how tough Heidi is. We here at AP say Heidi will win, at least in part because Donald Trump’s trade war with China is hurting farmers everywhere, and North Dakota has lots of farms.


Not only that, Tennessee’s Taylor Swift, who, until recently, was reluctant to endorse any political candidates, has publicly endorsed (where else — in a concert!) Democrat Phil Bredesen to succeed Bob Corker, the Republican Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, because Corker has wisely decided to leave office because he can’t stand being in the same party as Donald Trump.


Bredesen, a moderate Democrat, was the governor of the Volunteer State from 2003 to 2011, and before that, he was Mayor of Nashville.


Bredesen’s GOP opponent is Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, a former beauty pageant winner, who represents the Volunteer State’s 7th Congressional District — a solidly GOP District, in part because its population is relatively affluent.


Associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, who covers Congress for us, has spent considerable time in Tennessee and in Missouri, where Sen. Claire McCaskill is in the political fight of her life. ASR Smith has also spent lotsa time in Arizona, where Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema is sure to take Jeff Flake’s seat in the Senate.


Smith tells us that North Dakota will continue to have a smart woman as its senator; that Missouri will continue to have a smart woman as its Democratic senator; and that Bredesen is sure to represent Tennessee come January, in the Senate.


Stay tuned, AP fans.