Do Trump's Personal Lawyers Giuliani and Sekulow Engage in Unethical Conduct?

Donald Trump’s legal defense team — which loves nothing better than to take pot shots at Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his badly needed, and endangered, investigation — is in regular contact with attorneys who represent those witnesses who have been contacted by and/or interviewed by Team Mueller.


So we asked associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, “What gives?”


Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s principal attack dog when it comes to Mueller, and Jay Sekulow, another of Trump’s lawyers, told Sherman that there’s nothing unusual about such an arrangement (cf.


So Sherman, one of the District of Columbia’s most distinguished lawyers, said she’ll immediately file a grievance against Giuliani and Sekulow.


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman pounded very rudely on the office door of Patrick Mulvaney, the Disclipinary Counsel for the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.


“Quit bothering me!” Mulvaney exclaimed. "I’m just a small part of Trump’s Swamp, but both Giuliani and Sekulow have done nothing wrong.”


“That just goes with the job when you work in the White House.”