Trump vs. The New York Times (A Continuing Narrative)

We’ve always known that the Trumps are very wealthy.


The New York Times is not failing — it’s succeeding.


In exposing Donald Trump’s false claim that he’s a self-made man, the Times is doing just what it should be doing (


The Times’ report, based on a careful examination of some 100,000 documents, is well-timed ahead of the mid-terms.


It said he engaged in “instances of outright fraud” during the 1990s and that he set up a sham corporation to hide the family’s wealth from tax authorities.


In pushing back against the Times' report, Sarah Huckabee referred to the Times as failing — just as Trump loves to do. 


On September 26, we wrote that Tiffany Trump, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump plan to buy the UN just so they can tear it down (


Given their wealth, maybe they’ll try to buy the Times, as well, for a similar purpose.