Why Bolton Quit as Trump's National Security Advisor

September 19, 2018


South Korea’s President, Moon Jae-in, and North Korea’s chubby Kim Jong-un have been having a lot of photo-ops recently.


Moon went to Pyongyang yesterday, and Kim will visit Seoul later this year as part of a charm offensive by both leaders.


Donald Trump’s most recent National Security Advisor is John Bolton, a notorious hawk on matters relating to North Korea.


Bolton summoned associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones to his office a few minutes ago.


“Johanna, my record as being a North Korea sceptic is well-established, and I can’t stand this mutual make nice that’s going on over there.”


“I advised Mr. Trump — who, as you well know, knows nothing about international relations — not to permit this coziness. Not only does it diminish our abiliy to call all the shots, we sure don’t want to move all our troop out of South Korea.”


“And I didn’t like it at all that Mr. Trump went to  Singapore to meet with Kim. When he did that, he totally broke with our tradition of having nothing to do with the North Koreans that might enhance Kim’s reputation.”


With that, Bolton walked out the door, leaving Jones to tell Trump what had happened.