Why Trump Wanted to Invade Venezuela


Not very long after he swaggered his way into the White House, Donald Trump started making noises about invading Venezuela, ostensibly because of the chaos there.


Now The New York Times’ Ernesto Londono and Nicholas Casey have unearthed the secret back channels by which some Venezuelan military leaders were hoping to receive US military assistance to topple Nicolas Maduro, whose rule there is becoming increasingly authoritarian. And NPR picked it up as well: https://www.npr.org/2018/09/09/646052178/venezuela-decries-reported-meetings-between-u-s-officials-and-coup-plotters. The title of the Londono and Casey article is “Trump Administration Discussed Coup Plans With Rebel Venezuelan Oficers.”


The end result was that sensible military leaders in the US (quite possibly Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis) concluded that invading yet another sovereign country, especially in South America, would be ill-advised. And it didn’t happen.


Enter our newest associate solitary reporter, Selvatica Juguete, who is intimately familiar with everything of political significance in South America.


Juguete met this morining with General Pedro Cortez Rodriguez, Maduro's Deputy Minister of Defense Services. 


“Si Trump invadiera nuestra justa Venezuela,” Cortez Rodriguez said, “todo lo que realmente quiere es nuestro petróleo.” ("If Trump’s gonna invade our fair Venezuela, the only thing he really wants is our oil.”)


“Por que crees que los dos presidentes Bush invadieron Irak?“ (“Why do you think both Presidents Bush invaded Iraq?“)


Associate solitary reporter Juguete, who is bilingual, immediately called associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones in the White House, who promptly confirmed what General Cortez Rodriguez said.





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