AP Arranges Meeting Between Cardinal Vigano and ASR Jones

The Roman Catholic Church is embroileld in sexual scandals.


Catholic teaching says that priesthood is a ministry conformed to the life and work of Jesus Christ. Priests, as sacremental ministers, act in persona Christi (in the person of Christ), and the life of a priest conforms to the chastity of Christ.


In other words, because Jesus was celibate, the Church of Rome insists on depriving its priests and nuns of the ability to have children — despite John 10:10b, “…I came so that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”


For years, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick preyed on seminarians and even children, and, as has happened many times before in the Church, the culture of covering up such conduct hid his sins for decades, until it all came out in the open. And now, the Attorneys General of several states are conducting full-scale investigations, especially after a grand jury in Pennsylvania issued a comprehensive report on what had been going on there for years.


Pope Francis made a papal visit to Ireland in late August. In the early hours of the Pope’s final day in Ireland, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano published an eleven-page letter filled with accusations against dozens of former and current high-level officals in the Catholic Church. Cardinal Vigano aimed his sights squarely at Pope Francis, asserting a systemic cover-up of allegations against now ex-Cardinall McCarrick. Cardinal Vigano then alleged that Pope Francis knew about McCarrick’s history of sexual abuse and did nothing about it (https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/ex-nuncio-accuses-pope-francis-of-failing-to-act-on-mccarricks-abuse-reports-81797). Vigano called on Francis to resign.


Intrigued by these developments, associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, who has many contacts in high places in Washington, arranged a meeting between Vigano and associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones. As we reported on Thursday, Jones is the writer of the op-ed in Wednesday’s New York Times (https://www.apocryphalpress.com/2018/09/06/associate-solitary-reporter-johanna-jones-is-the-mole-in-the-white-house/). Jones is 25. She has been part of the Resistance against Trump ever since she read Michael D’Antonio’s Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success.


After Coleman introduced the two, Vigano got straight to the point. “My child,” he said, “why are you keeping everybody guessing as to what you have done? All of Mr. Trump’s top people, with a lot of help from Putin’s intelligence agencies, are going to find you out sooner or later.”


Jones frowned and told Vigano where to get off. She went straight to the Oval Office so she can listen in on Trump’s next stupidity. We should be reporting on that any day now.


In a huff, Vigano lambasted Coleman for making him travel all the way from the Vatican, just to be told off by someone who refuses to stand up and be counted.