Associate Solitary Reporter Johanna Jones is the Mole in the White House

There’s a mole in the White House.


Donald Trump’s Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary, Raj Shah, spoke with NPR’s Morning Edition host, Steve Inskeep, just now.


One of the subjects they discussed was the identity of the mole — the anonymous author of the Op-Ed piece which The New York Times published. The author, a senior White House official, says that numerous top aides to Trump are deliberately thwarting Trump’s agenda (see; see also, which NPR posted before the Shah-Inskeep interview was aired.


And now, the West Wing is in total meltdown, as everyone there, no doubt in panic, is trying to find the mole.


This, at the same time as veteran reporter Bob Woodward’s brand new book about the Trump White House tells us that very senior aides to Trump have gone so far as to remove papers from his desk, to keep him from doing who know’s what.


Trump is on his way to Montana, where Democratic senator John Tester is up for re-election, and Trump is hell-bent on defeating him.


Trump, his mouthpiece Sarah Huckabee, and Shah have all demanded that the mole identify herself or himself.


As readers of this apocryphal newspaper have known for years, our top associate associate solitary reporter is Johanna Jones, who is with Trump day and night.


No less than five minutes ago, Jones was spotted by associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman leaving Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s office. Jones held an impromptu press conference, in which she said, “Hey everybody, what’s the big deal? I wrote that anonymous Op-Ed in the Times, I’m proud of it, and I can’t believe that nobody could figure out that it was me. Not only that, I'm staying on the job, I’m not leaving this so-called Administration, because I’m here to keep the American people fully informed about what Donald Trump is doing to this country.”


DNC Tom Perez’ handlers then whisked Jones away for her own protection.