How Trump Has Broken His Promises to American Workers

Today, at the crack of dawn, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones ambushed Donald Trump as soon as he arose from his gold-plated bed in the White House.


“Yo, Donnie boy,” she yelled, “it’s Labor Day, so I wanna know what, if anything, you’ve done to honor American workers!”


Trump brushed her aside (just as he very rudely brushed aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro in a meeting in Brussels with foreign leaders, just so he could get in front of the cameras,, but one of Trump’s many failings is his inability to realize how strong, how fearless, how persistent, ASR Jones is — and how her constant presence around him will lead either directly or indirectly to his downfall (Jones has met numerous times with Special Counsel Robert Mueller).


“You campaigned in 2016 on a platform of protecting the health and safety of blue-collar workers, but look what you’ve done to us!”


Jones was referring to today’s Politico post by Ian Kullgren, “Trump Rolls Back Worker Safety Rules” (


Trump put pro-management appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, and his second nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, has authored numerous opinions favoring employers over their workers. He’s appointed two pro-management lawyers to seats on the National Labor Relations Board, so he can gut workers' protections under the National Labor Relations Act. And, under the guise of increasing productivity, Trump’s Mine Safety and Health Administration has weakened the protection of miners in favor of the coal barons.


Then, in a moment of weakness, Trump went up to ASR Jones and said, “See, Johanna, it’s all about profits and loss. Making money is what  America is all about, and if workers want a safe work environment, they need to ask themselves whether they’d rather have a job where they gotta take risks, or having no job at all.”


Jones reported all this to DNC Chair Tom Perez, causing Perez to call fierce anti-Trump billionaire Tom Steyer and say, “Tom, I’m beginning to agree with you that impeachment is our best option."