McConnell's Wall Will Trump Trump's Wall

Donald Trump is the Disrupter-in-Chief and the Distracter-in-Chief, all because he has never had command of himself, which is why he likes to command others.


His former Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, goes on trial this week. Mueller’s getting closer and closer. So, to distract us from all that, now he has doubled down on his demand for Trump's Wall.


And to get it, he’s willing to shut down the government.


But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sees right through Trump’s bluff. McConnell plans to get nearly all the needed appropriations bills passed in August, and in November, after he and Ryan lose both Houses of Congress, he’ll give Trump some money ostensibly for his Wall 



Early this morning, associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith asked McConnell how he plans to foil Trump’s plan for his Wall.


“Great question, Melissa,” McConnell said. “I’m going to build the McConnell Wall between myself and Mr. Trump. He knows nothing about how to deal with Congress. I’m actually going to put it between the White House and his Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue so all those foreign leaders who are trying to get his attention by staying there, won’t be able to get to the White House. They’ll have to come to us at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, because we have the power of the purse.”


When associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones told White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway about McConnell's proclamation, she said that McConnell's facts do not pass her test of Alternality.