Our Our Most Insecure Ever POTUS Prepares for Fascist Rule By Threatening to Revoke Security Clearances for His Fiercest and Most Intelligent Critics

Donald Trump is in Missouri tossing even more than the usual ton of red meat to his base. 


Outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan tells it like it is. That’s because Ryan said today that in threatening to revoke the security clearances of extremely high-level former members of the Intelligence Community, Trump is simply engaged in trolling people.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that Trump not only admires, but in fact envies, dictators, especially Vladimir Putin, Xi Jing-ping, and Kim Jong-un. That’s because he had no experience in government until January 20 of last year. And it shows.


He wants to dictate to Congress. He wants to tell the Supreme Court how to rule. Probably, he has never read the Constitution of the United States.


Truth is, he himself is unrulable, as well as being totally insecure. He can’t keep his staff. What will he do without Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Will he replace her with Kellyanne “Alternative Facts” Conway?


For approximately the seventeenth time, this morning, as he was leaving the White House on his way to Missouri, he slugged associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones and threw her onto the White House lawn.


And, as usual, the ACLU was there and caught her. Soon, the ACLU will file a lawsuit on behalf of Jones in federal court.


That’s one lawsuit that Trump will lose.