Pruitt Is Stapleton's Pick for Lieutenant Governor

Yesterday, Scott Pruitt lost his job as Administrator of Donald Trump’s Environmental Destruction Agency.


He had felt entitled to all the luxuries available in Washington, but now we needs a new job.


Pruit is from Oklahoma, which shares a border with Colorado. The landscapes in Oklahoma are different from some of the mountain landscapes in Colorado.


On June 26, Walker Stapleton won the Republican nomination for governor of Colorado. He had until July 3 to name a running mate.


Stapleton says he has found one, but won’t reveal that person’s name. His Democratic opponent, Congressman Jared Polis, has named his Lieutenant Governor, former State Representative Dianne Primavera.


Associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson III has investigative skills matched only by some of our other distinguished associate solitary reporters.


That’s why Thompson texted us only moments ago to tell us that Stapleton has given political sanctuary to Pruitt by taking him on as his running mate.


“I am always compassionate to my neighbors,” Stapleton told Thompson, “and Scott’s from Oklahoma, a neighbor state.”


As Stapleton introduced Pruitt to a raucous crowd in suburban Arapahoe County, Pruitt thanked Stapleton for his graciousness and immediately demanded security protection much greater than Stapleton’s; an enclosed telephone booth; and free housing, all at Stapleton’s expense.


Ever a beacon of hospitality, Stapleton agreed, but asked Pruitt to consult him first, in the future.