Pruitt Insists on Marching in Denver's Best Fourth of July Parade

Park Hill is Denver’s best neighborhood. That’s why the Centennial State’s governor, Democrat John Hickenlooper, lives there.


For some nine years now, the Park Hill Fourth of July Parade has featured politicians and celebrities and marching bands and a gigantic Hari Krishna float. 


When Donald Trump appointed Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, it was all so Pruitt could undo every single thing that President Obama did to save Planet Earth.


And Pruitt quickly did that while sinking deeper and deeper into the Swamp that is Washington.


Pruitt is in such deep s__t, and he is so thoroughly clueless as to how to extricate himself, that he has demanded that Trump fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and put him in at Justice — as though the Republican Senate would even think about confirming him as the nation’s top lawyer.


All that is why associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson III saw Pruitt today at 23rd Avenue and Dexter, in the heart of Park Hill, demanding to lead the Parade, which in past years has seen Colorado’s junior US Senator, the boyish Republican Cory Gardner, and then-Secretary of State Scott Gessler, also a Republican, marching in the parade, despite the fact that everyone watching the parade, all Dems, never vote for Republicans.


“Mr. Pruitt,” Thompson said, “What in God’s name do you think you are doing here?”


“Lewis,” Thompson responded, “in my all too brief tenure at the EPA, I haven’t done near enough to wreak havoc in Colorado, but I heard that Mayor Hancock had taken down the City Park Golf Course for no good reason, and what used to be a really good golf course is only a few blocks from here, so I thought I’d come out here and have a look.”


Two years ago, at 1:30 am, Denver’s City Council voted to close historic City Park Golf Course, remove over 200 trees, and put a detention pond in it, all with the declared purpose of preventing floods from the nearby South Platte River. All this was at the instance of Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, who defied strong neighborhood opposition.


The parade marshal, Doug Schuler, told Pruitt that for his own protection, he should immediately return to Washington and skip the parade, but Pruitt refused.


Denver’s Finest refused to provide Pruitt with a security detail, but Pruitt brought his own, at taxpayer expense.