Colorado GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Walker Stapleton Picks Fierce Anti-Immigrant Colleague Tom Tancredo as His Running Mate

Money talks.


On June 26, Colorado voters, including a very large number of Unaffiliated voters, made a big mistake on the Democratic side.


Instead of Cary Kennedy, who has nine years of executive experience in government in Colorado, they chose Congressman Jared Polis, one of the wealthiest Members of Congress. He represents Boulder. He essentially self-funded his campaign. Kennedy received top line designation at the State Democratic Party Assembly; Polis came in second. In other words, Colorado Democrats at the Assembly concluded correctly that Kennedy was the better choice.


Polis has now chosen former State Representative Dianne Primavera, who has no high-level experience in the executive branch in Colorado. Primavera is a cancer survivor.


Moments ago, associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson III met with GOP nominee Walker Stapleton, currently State Treasurer in the Centennial State. Stapleton is a member of the Bush family (hence his first name, as in President George Herbert Walker Bush) and he can tap into a great deal of money.


Money talks, and no doubt Stapleton thinks that Citizens United is by far the best Supreme Court decision ever made.


After some preliminary, and formulaic, how are yous, Thompson asked Stapleton, “Who will be your running mate?“


“Lewis, that is so easy. Tom Tancredo endorsed me for Governor. As a Republican, he represented Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District very capably, and he ran for president in 2008 on a very strong and very appropriate anti-immigration platform. Tom is a very close personal friend of mine, and I wish he had received my party’s nomination for president that year, but that didn’t happen.”


“Tom ran for governor as a member of the American Constitution Party in 2010, and he received, as you well know, Lewis, 36 percent of the votes, coming in second, well ahead of the Republican nominee, Dan Maes, who got only 11 per cent of the vote.”


“And Walker," Thompson replied, "I am so happy that John Hickenlooper, a good Democrat, defeated Tancredo for governor in 2010.”


"Lewis — since you are a long time resident of our glorious state — you also know that Hick was reelected in 2014.”


“Tancredo ran again for Gov in 2014,” Stapleton continued, "this time as a Republican, because he didn’t like the compassion (and uncertainty) shown by Hickenlooper with respect to whether convicted murderer Nathan Dunlap should be executed.”


“But Tom lost, once again."


"He was a very serious candidate for governor this year, but he dropped out because he knows, deep inside his heart, that I deserve to be governor, and he doesn’t. Of course, he would never admit that.”


“But because Tom helped me get the Republican nomination this year, he’s my man for Lieutenant Governor."


“Walker,” Thompson said, “You have said that you would love nothing better than for Donald Trump to campaign on your behalf, against Polis.”


“Damn straight, Lewis!”


“Walker, how do you think Tancredo’s fiercely anti-immigrant pitch will go over here in Colorado? Especially since he’s gonna be your number two?”


“Lewis, that’s the stupidest question I’ve ever heard.”


“No rational person can deny that there are way, way too many people of color coming in here from Mexico — just like Trump said when he propelled himself down his golden staircase in June 2015 and yelled really loudly about how Mexico sends rapists and murderers here.”


“I totally adore Donald Trump, and so should you.”


Thompson left.


Shortly after Thompson left, Stapleton called Trump and told him that he is solidly behind him in anything that he will do to make life extremely difficult for Mexico’s next president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (“AMLO”), who is adored by most Mexicans. AMLO won Mexico’s presidential election yesterday. He has placed as one of his highest priorities telling Trump to straighten up and be nice — something which is very difficult, if not impossible, for Trump to do.