Freedom Caucus Heavy Jim Jordan 's Personal Attack Against Rosenstein Precipitates Kelly Into Resigning

It should come as no surprise to our readers that Dems enjoy fights among Republicans.


Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) loves the limelight.


Rep. Jordan is a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, the same group of extreme hard-right Republican firebrands that inspired Speaker John Boehner to resign; and Speaker Paul Ryan obviously has had quite enough of them, as well.


Members of the House Freedom Caucus believe wholeheartedly in their freedom to hate any tax proposed by Democrats, or even by wayward Republicans.


Yesterday, Jordan tried his best to lambaste Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at a hearing chaired by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Virginia).


Jordan’s attacks were constantly personal, though he claimed the opposite.


Since Donald Trump has taken over the GOP, and is remaking it in his own ugly image, it seems to be up to the extreme right-wing Freedom Caucus to keep conservative Republicans inspired.


Rosenstein is a Republican, but he is much more faithful to the rule of law than his antagonists on the House Judiciary Committee.


They accuse him of withholding mountains of material relating to the Hillary email controversy — a controversy which the GOP insists on perpetuating, purely as a distraction from their own much more serious problems.


Always calm but never a patsy, Rosenstein pushed back vigorously against Jordan’s personal attacks (


Associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith made an appointment with Congressman Jordan as soon as the hearing adjourned.


“Congressman,” she began, “what’s in your political future? You just insulted the Deputy Attorney General, accusing him of violating his oath of office.”


“Melissa, you asked exactly the right question. This afternoon, I have an appointment with Mr. Trump. I’m gonna insist that he fire Rosenstein and appoint me to replace him.”


When Smith told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones about her conversation with Jordan, Jones asked White House Chief of Staff John Kelly what Trump intends to do about Jordan’s demand.


“Johanna,” Kelly replied, “I’m gonna leave that up to him. I’m done. I’ve resigned.”