Why A Wealthy Democratic Congressman from Boulder Will Not Be Elected Governor

For Democrats in Congress, it’s not nearly so much fun as they would like it to be.


So far, but that will change in November.


Congressman Jared Polis, a Democrat, represents the Centennial State’s Second Congressional District (Boulder). However, he is now running for Governor, quite possibly because the Democrats are in the minority, at this time, in the House of Representatives. He’ll be succeeded by rising Dem star Joe Neguse.


Polis was a very successful businessman, and, as a result, he is very wealthy.


He has given more than eleven million dollars to his campaign for governor.


His main competitor on the Democratic side is former State Treasurer Cary Kennedy. She is the only candidate for governor on the Democratic side who has won a statewide election for a constitutional office (constitutional offices are Gov, Sec. of State, Atty. Gen., and State Treasurer).


Your solitary reporter has already voted for Kennedy, who will be the first woman governor of Colorado.


Kennedy is not wealthy. She won top line at the Democratic State Assembly. Polis came in second.


But because he is self-funding his campaign, he is leading in the polls.


We’ll all find out on June 26 whether Polis’ money will be a detriment to him.


All good Colorado Democrats should vote for Cary Kennedy for Governor.