LaPierre Shows in Denver; Sessions Tries to Advise Trump on When to Shut Up; Canada to Build Wall

The NRA’s top gunslinger, Wayne LaPierre, gets around a lot.


Wherever there’s a shooting, especially a school shooting, he shows up and congratulates the shooter for keeping America free.


Yesterday, on Interstate 25 near Denver, in the early morning, a Uber driver got into a dispute with a passenger, and shot him. The passenger died at a nearby hospital.


As associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman watched, the NRA’s public face, Wayne LaPierre, arrived on the scene as the ambulance was taking the victim away. LaPierre rushed to the shooter/driver and said, “Good job! Keep up the great work.”


Elsewhere, Donald Trump broke the rules about gabbing when the monthly jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is released (; and this causes lots of worry as to his ability to keep secrets (


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman overheard Attorney General Jeff Sessions tell Trump to play by the government’s rules. Coleman also said the best thing for Chief of Staff John Kelly to do is to buy a muzzle and put it on Trump’s face.


From faraway Canada, associate solitary reporter Gary Zeman tells us that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now plans to build a wall on Canada’s southern border, after Trump ratcheted up his trade war with America’s ally.