Trump Taps Roseanne As State Department's Next Protocol Officer

Moments after ABC Entertainment cancelled Roseanne’s latest feeble attempt to amuse people, Donald Trump and his close political friend, white nationalist Richard Spencer, went on Twitter simultaneously to announce a nationwide boycott of ABC. Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was, very uncomfortably, in the same room at the time.


It was very pleasing to both Spencer and Trump that Roseanne, just yesterday, sent out a tweet maligning one of President Obama’s most trusted advisers, Valerie Jarrett, on her appearance. Jarrett is black.


Roseanne Barr’s tweet said “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby [equals] vj (Valerie Jarrett)” (


“Roseanne’s one of my best supporters! I love her conspiracy theories, which all my followers believe, especially since all the Democrats and Mueller and God knows who else, are conspiring against me! Nobody should watch ABC! The only TV people should watch is Fox News, especially Hannity!” Trump tweeted, as Spencer glowered at Jones because he knows that she has African American friends.


She’s now blaming ambien and calling herself an idiot (


Roseanne did not entertain very many people in 1990 when, at somebody’s sports event, she sang our national anthem (which Trump pretends to like, as long as Colin Kaepernick and friends stand upright) and promptly grabbed her — well — whatever — and then spat.


As soon as he sent that tweet out, Trump once again polluted the air (Melania, sensibly, spends very little time with him, and she won’t tell us how often he farts).


He also polluted our political atmosphere, by jetting down to Nashville, in the Volunteer State, to campaign for a Republican congresswoman who is running for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Bob Corker. Trump lambasted the Democratic candidate, Phil Bredesen, the popular former mayor of Nashville, just because he’s a Democrat. And he accused Special Counsel Robert Mueller of interfering in the

midterms — with, as usual, no evidence.


At his formulaic rally in Nashville, his audience urged Trump to direct Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General whom he doesn’t like, to lock Hillary up (


On his way back from throwing red meat to his base, Trump found out that one of the top Republican leaders in the House, Trey Gowdy (remember him from the Benghazi hearings?) said that when the FBI took a look two years ago into whatever the Russians were doing during the presidential campaign, that was quite okay  (


That caused Trump to go on yet another vintage meltdown.


In the middle of the meltdown (ASR Jones has seen a lot of those), Trump yelled at Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly (why in the world is he still there?), "John, tell Pompeo to fire his Chief of Protocol, Sean Lawler, and tell Pompeo to put Roseanne in there, in his place.”


“Roseanne shares all my values, and her style of speaking to people is identical to mine. Protocol at State will never be the same!"