If Trump Had Been in Macron's Place, Mamoudou Gassama Would Already Be Back in Impoverished Mali; Three Walls

On the same day that French President Emmanuel Macron granted French citizenship to a twenty-two year old migrant from Mali, Mammoudou Gassama who risked his own life to save a small child from certain death (https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/28/asia/paris-baby-spiderman-rescue-intl/index.html), Donald Trump, at Arlington National Cemetery, saluted fallen soldiers, but then immediately went into a riff against the Mueller investigation into his collusion with Russia.


As CNN’s Editor-at-Large, Chris Cillizza, wrote today, the way Trump thinks goes like this:


“Me, I, me. I did this. I deserve credit. This is unfair to me. Soldiers fought and died so I could make the unemployment rate better” (https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/28/politics/donald-trump-memorial-day-tweet/index.html).


Our chief international correspondent, associate solitary reporter Lanny Thompson, was with Macron as he called Trump to tell him that if he actually does manage to get Trump’s Wall built, it’s more than likely that it would soon be taken down by American patriots, just as the Berlin Wall came down in 1992.


Thompson also told Macron that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Wall is the immoral equivalent of the Berlin Wall and Trump’s Wall.


But Netanyahu, who is under investigation for corruption, feels safe and secure because of his close personal friendship with Trump.