To Get Cohen Away from Mueller, Trump Sends Him to Netanyahu to Protect the Golan Heights

Until January 20, 2017, the US was well on its way to achieving a rapprochement with Iran.


But after Donald Trump precipitously pulled the US out of President Obama’s singular foreign policy achievement two days ago, Israel found itself tossing missiles at Iranian outposts in Syria.


Beginning on November 8, 2016, when what was not supposed to happen did happen, Trump’s longtime fixer-in-chief, Michael Cohen, immediately began marketing himself as the man closest to Trump — a man difficult to understand at a time when all manner of people were wondering how to make themselves attractive to Trump, and they desperately needed someone to help them get there.


But now Cohen, who is under intense law enforcement scrutiny, needs Trump’s help more than ever.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Trump at the White House early this morning, after he greeted three Korean Americans at Joint Base Andrews.


Cohen was with Trump and Jones also.


“Michael,” Trump began, “the best way for me to protect you is to get you out of here right away and send you to Jerusalem so you can be under the intense protection of my close personal friend Benjamin Netanyahu.”


Cohen was all smiles.


“You’ll become a national hero in Israel when you single-handedly protect the Golan Heights from Iranian aggression.”


“Best of all, you’ll be unreachable by Mueller.”


In gratitude, Cohen offered Trump $130,000, which Trump swiftly declined.