Why Wasn't Stormy Daniels At Trump's Side Yesterday During the National Day of Prayer?

Outside the White House yesterday, there was a made-for-TV moment where religious leaders from several different faith traditions assembled, with guests seated on folding chairs.


It was the National Day of Prayer.


How ironic, because Donald Trump doesn’t pray and never has. He just preys on other peoples’ fears.


During yesterday’s PBS News Hour, William Brangham interviewed Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, an influential and articulate evangelical leader with a megachurch in Sacramento, and who is the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. Brangham asked him why evangelicals voted for Trump in overwhelming numbers despite Trump's three marriages and history of sexual transgressions, and why they continue to support him as he digs himself deeper and deeper into holes of his own making.


Rev. Rodriguez responded by saying that for evangelicals, abortion and religious liberty are critical issues. He didn’t say that Trump has aborted any hope of winning the hearts and minds of the great majority of sensible people in the land of the free and the home of the brave.


As Brangham escorted Rev. Rodriguez from the studio, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones asked him, “Rev. Rodriguez, we here at Apocryphal Press (and I am sure, Sir, that you catch the religious significance of our company’s name) can’t help but wonder why Stormy Daniels was not at yesterday’s event.”


Rev. Rodriguez hurried away, without answering.


So we asked our chief religion correspondent, associate solitary reporter Jim Bob Hobarto, to explain.


“SR,” Hobarto said. “That’s easy. Trump hoodwinked evangelicals into voting for him. He believes in fake religion.”


In other news, we’ve polled all our many associate solitary reporters, asking them a simple question: who is Trump sleeping with? Any of our devoted readers who’d like to offer their guesses are more than welcome to comment on our site.