Mueller's Getting Closer and Closer; McConnell and his Arch-Nemesis, West Virginia Senate Candidate Don Blankenship

Wrongly fired FBI Director James Comey was very articulate when he was interviewed yesterday evening on the PBS News Hour by host Judy Woodruff.


For reasons which we here at AP fail to understand, he did not tell Woodruff that he is running against Trump in 2020, assuming that The Donald is still sitting in his Oval Office at that time.


As you can well imagine, many of your solitary reporter's friends frequently ask him whether he thinks that Trump will survive his first term; but as we have said here many times before, as far as Trump is concerned, he is fully entitled to a third term.


So we asked associate solitary reporter Jonathan Anderson for his prediction about Trump’s future.


Anderson is a long time pundit. When we talked with him moments ago, he said, “SR, Mueller’s noose is tightening. Donald Trump is dead meat.”


Next we turn to the upcoming primary in West Virginia.


Why wouldn’t Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the most powerful Congressional Republican (now that Paul Ryan’s a lame duck), want West Virginia coal baron Don Blankenship to be his colleague?


The primary is a week from today for the GOP voters in that highly stressed, opioid-infested state, to pick their candidate to run against moderate/conservative Democratic senator Joe Mancin. Mancin is popular there, and was its governor, and the GOP considers him to be vulnerable because Trump won West Virginia in 2016 with 68% of the vote. No county in West Virginia voted for Hillary, and ain’t they all sorry now?


Blankenship, who spent a year in prison after one of his coal mines killed 29 miners in 2010 in that mining-dependent state (…), has two Republican opponents, both of whom he's trailing, so he is conducting a slash and burn attack on McConnell.


And McConnell, who, after all, is no dummy, is fighting back ( Our many sources in West Virginia tell us that Mancin will defeat anybody whom the GOP

picks — but if Blankenship gets the nomination, his chances of beating Mancin are less than zero.


Associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, who covers Congress for us, says that the Democratic Party (a quasi—religious organization devoted to keeping Donald Trump out of the White House by whatever means are necessary), tells us that the Democrats will retake the Senate in November, thrusting pro-Israel Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) into the position of Senate Majority Leader.


Speaking of Israel, yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave Donald Trump exactly what he wanted: the rationale for pulling out of the six nation nuclear deal with Iran.