Sen. Tester Tests Trump

Jon Tester, a Democrat and Montana’s senior senator and an experienced Montana politician, incurred Donald Trump’s wrath for questioning the wisdom of his nomination of his White House doctor, Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, to be the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.


Tester was born in Havre, Montana, very close to Canada. He has much better self-understanding than does Trump and, of course, that’s because he’s a Democrat. He and his wife still operate their organic farm. Early in his career, Tester was a music teacher.


And now Tester is telling Trump to wake up and face the music.


Sen. Tester is the Ranking Member of the Senate’s Veteran Affairs Committee. Several Republicans in the Senate were also uncomfortable with the Jackson nomination, given that Jackson has no experience running a massive bureaucracy. So Jackson, left hanging in the wind by Trump, sensibly withdrew his name from further consideration (can Trump do anything right?).


Now Trump, always seeking revenge against anyone who criticizes him, has vowed to campaign against Tester in his re-election campaign in a state that he won by twenty points (


Associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, who covers Congress for us, found all of this very amusing. So she texted associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, saying “I love it that Tester is testing Trump. I’m gonna encourage the senator to tell Trump to tamp down a lot on his testosterone levels."