Eat Your Heart Out, Ronny Jackson; Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn -- He Politically Dead

All because Donald Trump doesn’t know the first thing about governing, he threw his White House doc, Admiral (and only partially admired) Ronny Jackson, under the bus yesterday.


Dr. Jackson has been called out by two whistleblowers, so his nomination to be Secretary of the VA is on hold after Trump left him swinging in the wind, and the gawps (GOPs) in the Senate are furious (see


Meanwhile, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Congressman Doug Lamborn, a very rightwing Republican serving in a Congressional District which has never sent a Democrat to Congress, is all but done.


This gives us great pleasure, but with a big caveat.


As a Colorado legislator, Lamborn, ran for Congress in a tight GOP primary in 2006. Colorado Springs is home to one of the nation’s leading pro-homophobe organizations, Focus on the Family.


Most of the time since he was elected to Congress, Lamborn has faced primaries, because people in his District (which has a lot of military in it plus military retirees) just don’t like him. The Dems have run two retired Lieutenant Colonels and a retired Major General against him — no luck there.


This year, Lamborn, as usual, had a primary challenge, including from a short, bald, unpretty African American guy named Darryl Glenn, who, in 2016, purely on the basis of a fiery ten minute speech at the Republican State Assembly, made it to the primary, which he won, to face Colorado’s very politically astute senior senator, Michael Bennet.


Bennet beat him by four points, and Hillary, of course, vanquished Trump in the Centennial State (shoulda happened nationwide).


Three of Lamborn’s least favorite people challenged his petition-gathering process because one of his undoubtedly underpaid petition-gatherers is not a Colorado resident, as required by State law. Nonetheless, Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams, who is also unpretty, ruled that Lamborn (he's really unpretty) would go on the ballot, and a District Court Judge agreed, only to be overturned on appeal by the Colorado Supreme Court in a per curiam decision on Monday.


Lamborn says he’s going to federal court.


BTW, Williams is gonna get tossed out of office by a 33-year old very smart, rising star Dem, Jena Griswold, in November. Your solitary reporter did a funder for her last year.


Pretending to be a nice Christian gentleman, Glenn called Dr. Jackson, as one of our very best associate solitary reporters, Lewis Thompson !!!, observed.


“Ronny,” Glenn began, “my best pastoral advice to you is to tell Trump to go ____ himself.”


“Thanks, Darryl, I’m gonna do just that.”


Now it’s up to the few Democrats in Colorado Springs to do everything in their power to defeat Glenn and, maybe, Lamborn, if he runs as a write-in.


After all, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) lost her primary in 2010 to Tea Party candidate Joe Miller. She then ran as a write-in candidate and defeated both Miller and Democrat Scott McAdams in the General Election.


If the voters in Alaska had any sense, they would all vote Democratic.