Border Patrol Handcuffs Mexico's President, Enrique Peña Nieto, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott Sends His Texas Rangers to Free Him, Then Treats Him to a Texas-S

Donald Trump desperately wants his fans in West Virginia to vote in November against the state's popular conservative Democratic US senator, Joe Mancin, so he went to West Virginia today to fire up his ignorant and proud of it base.


All the while, Trump ranted and raved against Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto.


Peña Nieto, who, at the age of 51, is 20 years younger than Trump, greatly surpasses Trump in looks, and Trump, who always goes after what he wants, lusts after Mexico’s beautiful 48 year old First Lady, model and acress Angélica Rivera. Rivera is much better looking than Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, or Melania.


While he was campaigning in 2016, Trump got on his specially equipped private plane and flew to Mexico City, where he met with Peña Nieto and said nice things to him on camera, with his fingers crossed behind his back, then got back on his plane and flew to Arizona, held a typical Trump rally, and completely flipped as to what he then said about Mexico.


It was Mexico that was supposed to pay for Trump’s Wall.


Guess what.


Since Trump has been polluting (farting every two minutes, among other things) his Oval Office, illegal border crossings from Mexico to the United States have conspicuously dropped off, but Trump is obsessed with the “not nice people” who do come here illegally (–United_States_barrier).


Yesterday, Trump announced that he is sending the National Guard to the border until he can somehow convince Secretary of Defense James Mattis to send his soldiers there until Trump's Wall is built.


So we sent the always busy associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman to the border at El Paso, Texas. There, she watched as Peña Nieto, justifiably enraged by Trump’s constant tantrums, crossed the border at Juarez and accosted four thousand Border Patrol agents, who promptly slapped handcuffs on him.


Trump, one of the world’s biggest bullies, somehow managed to defeat his primary opponent and the Lone Star State's loudmouth junior senator and Tea Party fave Ted Cruz. Both Cruz and Sen. John Cornyn, who is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s number two guy, as well as Gov. Greg Abbott, do not favor Trump's Wall as the best way to deal with border security. Abbott’s predecessor, Bush Two, always had a nuanced view of how to secure our border with Mexico. There is no nuance in Trump, just invective.


So Abbott sent his Texas Rangers to rescue Peña Nieto and treated him to a huge, Texas-style banquet in Austin. At the banquet, Peña Nieto and Abbott hugged for the cameras, as Sherman smiled.