The Secret Owner of Sinclair Broadcasting Is...

Ever since Stephanie Clifford stormed the headlines, Donald Trump has refused to hold any live press conferences. But he held one today with the leaders of the Baltic states so he can warn them publicly not to allow any caravans of refugees into their once Soviet-dominated nations.


Usually, if he’s not holding a rally to fire up his base, he holes up either at Mar-a-Lago or in a deep, dark corner of his Oval Office and tweets his constant xenophobic and anti-mainstream media rants.


Yesterday, he railed against CNN et al. and in favor of Sinclair Broadcasting, which hired a Trumpite in its quest to win favors from the Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission, which is chaired by Trump’s ally Ajit Pai.


As Politico’s ace reporter Louis Nelson tells us, The Donald is engaged in all-out war against CNN ( 


Sinclair Broadcasting owns 193 local TV stations in the United States. It is well known for its highly conservative bias. Recently, it forced most of them to deliver a rant against the same media outlets which Trump hates ( Sinclair wants the FCC and the Justice Department to approve its purchase of 30 more stations. Pai is all too ready to comply.


As associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones dove deep into all this, she discovered, in an obscure corner of Trump Tower, volumes of legal papers which she immediately brought to the light of day.


“Eureka!” she said. “Trump is the secret owner of Sinclair Broadcasting! It’s all here!”


Jones will be receiving the Pulitzer Prize this year for investigative journalism.