How Trump Celebrated the March for Our Lives

MAR-a-LAGO — After thriving on chaos in Washington this past week, Donald Trump, knowing full well that hundreds of thousands of protesters were in Washington protesting against his fervent support for the National Rifle Association, traveled, as usual, on Air Force One to his exclusive private resort here in southern Florida.


Naturally, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with him. It was Jones who spotted the NRA’s Top Gun, Wayne LaPierre,  greeting him on his arrival.


“Sir,” Wayne LaPierre began, “I have a special present for you.”


An aide handed LaPierre a small box wrapped in plastic. When LaPierre opened it, out of the box came an AR-15, the weapon of choice of mass shooters.


“Sir, I know you will make good use of this emblem of liberty and personal rights. You might even use it to destroy that DVD that Stormy Daniels’ lawyer is tormenting you with, ‘cause he says it has lots of damaging information." (


Trump gave LaPierre a big thumbs up and said “Thank you so much, Wayne, for making it possible for me to continue supporting your wonderful organization.”


“You’re a true patriot."