The Firer-in-Chief Does It Again; McMaster Out, Bolton In; $1.3 Trillion Budget Bill Almost Vetoed After It Was Rammed Through Congress in Virtual Secrecy

In yesterday’s post, we called it when we said that Donald Trump was about to fire his National Security Advisor, Gen. H.R. McMaster (, because later in the day, Trump did what he loves best. So McMaster’s gone and is doubtless going to leave Trump’s Swamp — a swamp of Trump’s own making.


And in comes John Bolton to replace McMaster, the hard-right ideologue, whose way of dealing with at least some international problems is to bomb Iran and North Korea. 


To this day, Bolton defends W’s invasion of Iraq.


Trump is showing his true colors: lawyer John Dowd resigned from the Russia defense team, just as bulldog DC lawyer Joseph DiGenova comes in.


Today, Trump made the world wake up to his tweet that he wanted to veto the $1.3 billion budget bill that was rammed through Congress, virtually in secret. But no, he did sign it.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, associate solitary reporter Mellisa Smith, and many others of our distinguished corps of ASRs, wonder what’s in that bill.