Sessions' Latest Contribution to the Public Good

Yesterday, less than two days before he would have qualified for a full retirement pension, Donald Trump's Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Read all about it in yesterday’s Politico article by Elana Schor, “McCabe says his Russia probe work sparked smear campaign before firing” (


As Schor writes, “The dismissal from his decades-long home marks an ignominious end to a once-storied career for McCabe. That departure came ahead of an Inspector General’s inquiry that is expected to criticize his handling of an October 2016 media report on his wife's failed run for the Virginia State Senate and his handling of investigations into Hillary Clinton.”


Not only that, but Special Counsel Robert Mueller III has memos written by McCabe about his conversations with Trump (


Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, whom we constantly send to cover the GOP’s never-ending misdeeds, confronted Sessions as he was continuing his daily struggle to stay in office.


“Susanna,” Sessions began, “Ah always act with Complete Honesty because Ah am a very distinguished Southern Gentleman. Mah decision was absolut'ly correkt both politically and, more importantly, morally.”


"McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe — see, she didn’t even bother to use her name, she used his, instead — was runnin' for the State Senate in Virginia as a Democrat, and then-Governor Terry McAuliffe — don’t forget, McAuliffe used to run the DNC, and he’s very close to Bill and Hillary — and he and his cronies gave Jill McCabe $467,000 for her campaign, while McCabe held one of the top jobs in the whole Justice Department."


“But General,” Sherman shot back, “don’t you think it looks really bad, like sour grapes, to say the least, to fire a long-time Justice Department guy just before he qualifies for a full retirement pension, after your boss, Donald Trump — who, among other things, expected you to be his personal lawyer — was all over Twitter blasting Mr. McCabe?”


“Susanna, you are the most naive reporter Ah has ever met. This is Washington. Here in Washington, we-all dearly love livin’ in a swamp."