At Trump's Rally Yesterday in Pennsylvania, Stormy Daniels Propositions Trump on Stage, but Trump Blames It All on the DNC

At the top of her column in today’s New York Times, Maureen Dowd shows us a photo of the venue where porn actress Stormy Daniels will be performing on April 13 and 14.


And where might that be?


Very close to Donald Trump’s exclusive resort for the filthy rich, Mar-a-Lago, in the same state where the NRA has filed suit to overturn Florida’s new law which ever so mildly tries to impose sensible restrictions on the use of guns, including assault weapons.


Trump went to Moon Township, Pennsylvania, yesterday, for a rally, to feed red meat to his base, as he continues his drive to make America worse again.


That’s because on Tuesday, voters in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District will go to the polls in a special election, after their former Congressman, Republican Tim Murphy, was forced to resign last year.


Murphy, a psychologist, had encouraged his mistress to abort her pregnancy even though he held a strict public anti-abortion stance.


So the Republicans are running Pennsylvania legislator Rick Saccone against a rising star Democrat, Conor Lamb. For weeks now, Republicans have been embarrassed at Saccone’s poor fundraising and lousy campaigning, while Lamb is slightly ahead in the polls in the deeply conservative District, which Trump won by over 19 points in 2016.


If Lamb wins, it will send an extremely strong signal to the GOP that its chances of holding its majorities in the House and Senate in November are close to zero. 


So Trump held a typically Trumpisitc rally yesterday to tell his rowdy and uninformed base to vote for Saccone.


But did he do that?


After an hour-long rant against the media (including calling NBC News anchor Chuck Todd a son of a bitch), and after praising himself as The Greatest Ever, he finally got around to saying something about candidate Saccone.


As our two best associate solitary reporters, Johanna Jones and Susanna Sherman, watched, at minute 55 of Trump’s hour-long rant, Stormy Daniels came on the stage in high heels and not much else and offered to do for Trump what she did for him a number of months ago.


But Trump didn’t miss a beat. As soon as Daniels made her proposition to have sex on stage with him for a mere $1,300,000, in front of God and everybody, Trump, with the third Mrs. Trump at his side, yelled “You know what, folks? The Democrats hired Stormy to do that, just to make me look bad."