Trump Hires Expelled Colorado Legislator

On March 2, the Colorado House of Representatives expelled one of its own, Rep. Steve Lebsock, for inappropriate sexual behavior, not only to another Democratic legislator, but to a lobbyist, and other women.


Lebsock represented House District 34 (mostly Thornton, a northwest suburb of Denver).


Knowing full well that he would be expelled, Lebsock changed his registration from Democratic to Republican shortly before the vote in the House .


Colorado Republicans will now appoint one of their own to represent that legislative district until the Democrats take it back in November.


When associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones told Donald Trump that Lebsock had flipped, he became suddenly ecstatic, and he told his Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly, to create a new position for him in the White House.


“John," Trump said, “I totally sympathize with Steve, because I’ve done far worse than he did, and I’m still here.”


“Create a brand-new position for him here in the White House. Call it Special Assistant to Me for Protecting Men.”


“Or maybe #Men Rule."