After Starting Trade War With the EU Just to Save a House Seat in Pennsylvania, Trump Calls for Constitutional Convention To Make Himself President for Life, In

The “Republican" old goat who is currently —  where else? at  Mar-a-Lago — who still doesn’t know the first thing about how to lead a country — has started a trade war, and he rigidly and steadfastly yells on an hourly basis that trade wars "are good and easy to win” —  after announcing that he will impose tariffs of 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminum products — something he promised during the campaign in 2016.


Of course, there was widespread criticism, particularly from within the Republican Party, which has always favored free trade.


And now the EU is, very predictably, threatening retaliation. How? By imposing its own tariffs on bourbon imported from Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky; Harleys from Wisconsin (a state that Hillary lost and shoulda won); and blue jeans  (


Those who follow politics are well aware that on March 13, voters in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District (largely blue-collar suburbs south of Pittsburgh) will go to the polls in a special election to choose between Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb.


Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 (another state that Hillary shoulda won), and he carried Pennsylvania’s 18th by a wide margin.


The seat is vacant because Republican Tim Murphy couldn’t keep his pants zipped up.


Lamb, with the full backing of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and others, has outraised Saccone.


That’s why Trump raised the tariffs on steel and aluminum, because voters in Pennsylvania’s 18th are still angry and frustrated because they lost their jobs. Trump knows full well that if he loses a traditionally Republican congressional district in a state that he won, he will lose the House in November.


Similarly, because he is a man who really doesn’t value democracy, he has recently expressed great admiration for Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is in the process of making himself president for life.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Trump early this morning when he summoned his highly frustrated but still obedient Chief Of Staff, Gen. John Kelly.






“John, tell my White House Counsel, Don McGahn, to prepare the groundwork for a constitutional convention which will guarantee that I will be here in the White House for the rest of my life.”


“It’s March Fourth, so I want you to start marching right away."


Kelly collapsed on the floor, but ASR Jones, a very compassionate young woman, revived him.