Trump Calls for All Federal Courts to Disappear; Lambasts SCOTUS Over DACA Ruling; Ivanka Resigns

The most xenophobic ever occupant of the White House caught his from SCOTUS yesterday (


The Supreme Court ruled against him on his plan to deport over 700,000 Dreamers by March 5, after two federal appeals courts informed him that he has no understanding of constitutional rights (we already knew that, but he never).


In response, during an ensuing meltdown, he tweeted that all the lower federal courts should be abolished. Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with him as he tweeted.


He also demanded that the Supreme Court come immediately to the Roosevelt Room of the White House so he can chew them out.


Elsewhere, First Daughter Ivanka has resigned from her highly privileged position at the White House, after displeasing Chief of Staff General John Kelly over her trip to PyeongChang (


“I’m going back to my daddy’s Tower,” Ivanka said to ASR Susanna Sherman, "to focus on my business, which is only for rich people, but on the side, I’m helping Jared prepare for his presidential campaign in 2028."