With Help from Carter Page, Trump Redefines Treason; Correction Noted As to the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl Efforts

Yesterday, Donald Trump went to GOP country, namely, a suburb of Cincinnati, to tout his deficit-busting tax reform bill.


It is difficult for him to stay on script.


As ace Politico reporters Andrew Restuccia and Rebecca Morin wrote (https://www.politico.com/story/2018/02/05/trump-tax-speech-ohio-democrats-treason-391356), “In between testimonials from Ohioans about the benefits of the tax reform law, Trump went way off script, unleashing a series of complaints ('Can we call it treason? Why not?') about Congressional Democrats’ chilly reaction to his recent State of the Union speech, just because they wouldn’t stand up and applaud at his every word during his State of the Union speech, during which he was constantly preening himself, like Narcissus, for the cameras (it’s highly unlikely that Melania even wanted to look at him from her seat in the gallery).


Trump also said that US officials within his own government are working against him (“We caught ‘em!") — just because he doesn’t approve of the professionalism of his FBI when it doesn’t serve his nefarious purposes.


He failed to mention the potentially treasonous activity of his former campaign advisor, Carter William Page — the American petroleum industry consultant and former foreign-policy adviser to Trump, as detailed in the infamous Nunes-GOP Memo.


Early this morning, Trump told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones that he is absolutely certain that in November, all Republicans in the House will be reelected, and all Democrats will be defeated.


“You can bet on it, Johanna.”


“I totally deserve an entirely Trumpistic House of Representatives and Senate, because I’m the only one who knows what’s best for America.”


Finally, we wish to point out that alert suburban Denver reader Heinz Mader noticed that in the third paragraph of yesterday’s post, we gave the Denver Broncos more credit than they deserve. The Broncos have won a mere three Super Bowls, though the New England Patriots have indeed won five such extravaganzas. Our extreme apologies to all New England Patriots fans, among whom we have a considerable number in our MailChimp list.