Trump to Replace Wray with Nunes

Devin Nunes is Donald Trump’s — well –  lapdog.


This status was firmly cemented into place on Friday when supreme Trump loyalist Nunes, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, became (with partial assistance from now-retiring South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy) the infamous author of the now widely discredited GOP-Nunes Memo which Trump and Nunes released yesterday (see yesterday’s post). So now peripatetic associate solitary reporter Susan Sherman is prepared to deliver her scoop: Nunes will very soon, if Trump has his way with Mitch McConnell’s Senate, tap Nunes to replace his hand-picked choice (Christopher Wray) to lead the FBI.


For decades, law'norder Republicans have touted their very close relationship with the FBI.


But now, to protect the current occupant of the White House — who is being very diligently investigated by Special Counsel Robert

Mueller — sycophantic Congressmen such as Nunes have vigorously piled on to the FBI (


Which is why Nunes, 44, is dead meat this year because there are no fewer than five Democrats contesting to oppose him in November. Paramount among these is Andrew Janz, the son of a Thai mother and a Canadian father who, most likely, has been recruited by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to oppose Nunes (


Janz, 33 and a state prosecutor, tweets regularly about Nunes, who has fecklessly represented California’s 22nd Congressional District, in the San Joaquin Valley, since 2003. Janz has said in no uncertain terms that the Congressman is a security risk. On January 29, Janz released a statement saying: “Devin Nunes is a national security risk. He has no business having the security clearance let alone the job of leading the House Intelligence Committee. I’m calling on Speaker Ryan to remove Rep. Nunes from his chairmanship. If Devin Nunes wants to continue attacking law enforcement by crafting a fake narrative to protect [Trump], I suggest that he join the 30 Republicans who have already announced retirements so he [Nunes] can take a job with Fox News as a Trump defender” (


When ASR Sherman interviewed Nunes early this morning, Nunes said, “Oh, Susanna, don’t you cry for me — I’m so glad that you are the one breaking this story. Christopher Wray is a total loser because he is cooperating with Mueller. Mr. Trump is gonna fire Wray first thing tomorrow morning, and he’s gonna nominate me to be the USA’s ninth FBI Director.”


“I will be an even greater FBI Director than J. Edgar Hoover. Did I tell you I am not modest?"


“Not only that, Susanna, he’s firing Mueller first thing Tuesday morning. Just you wait and see."