Trump Tries to Save Casino Magnate's Butt

Steve Wynn, the super-wealthy Las Vegas casino owner whom Donald Trump hand-picked to be the finance chair of the Republican National Committee, was forced to resign yesterday because of allegations of sexual improprieties

( As usual, the White House had no public comment.


Wynn has had a long relationship with Trump, himself a former casino owner. After the 2016 election, Trump chose Wynn to oversee the RNC’s fundraising as it heads into a perilous midterm election. During recent fundraising events, Wynn has praised Trump as a history-changing president in the mold of Lincoln and Reagan.


Earlier today, ASR Jones was with Trump as he told his Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, to find a place for Wynn in the White House as a reward for his sycophancy. “I need to surround myself with people like Steve, since I have been accused of the same type of infraction.”


“We’re doing such a fantastic job with the economy,” Trump continued, “that by next week, everybody will have forgotten about this #MeToo nonsense, and Steve can help me convince the nation that men need their diversions to show how manly they are."


But Trump had a meltdown when his White House Counsel, Don McGahn, told him that appointing Wynn might cause him even more problems with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, since Mueller will undoubtedly want to examine Wynn’s possible ties to Russian oligarchs close to Putin.