Schumer's Plan to Send Trump Back to School

Because Donald Trump thinks that he knows how to run a government (even though the only thing he has ever run before January 20 of last year is a mega mega business, and that not at all a publicly traded business subject to governmental scrutiny);


And because the Republicans are now calling the government shutdown which took place within the past hour “Schumer's Shutdown;”


The Empire State’s senior senator and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, told associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, within the past five minutes, “Melissa, I’m sending Trump back to school.”


“May I ask, Senator,” Smith asked, ever so politely, “which school that might be?”


“Melissa that is so easy! Where else? To New York Military

Academy — the place where his father, Fred Trump, sent him years ago to shape him up.”


In 2015, New York Military Academy was auctioned for $15.825 million to a group of Chinese investors led by billionaire Vincent Tianquan Mo, Chairman and CEO of SouFun Holdings, a company which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. At last report, it now has maybe 29 students.


When associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones told Trump that he would be going back to his old military school, and that it is now owned by a Chinese company, he said, “Oh good, Johanna! Some people who work for me, namely Rex Tillerson, tell me that I have to be nicer to the Chinese if I’m ever going to get them to help me out with North Korea.”