Further Evidence That Trump Doesn't Give a S__T

The man who strutted around in a Pittsburgh suburb today, and who is single-handedly hurtling the United States toward yet another government shutdown, plans to leave Washington tomorrow, as the Senate is unlikely to agree with the House, which passed a continuing resolution (CR) today to keep the federal government open.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t have anywhere close to the 60 votes he needs to get the House CR passed. As of press time, even Sen. Mike Rounds (R-South Dakota) is not inclined to vote yes.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Donald Trump today in a Pittsburgh suburb as he crowed about his deficit-blowing tax bill. He even congratulated Apple Computers for moving some of its operations to the US.


“You see, Johanna” Trump said. “I don’t give a friggin’ s__t what anybody says.”


One of Trump’s primary opponents in 2016, military hawk and senior senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham explained to CNN’s Dana Bash how Trump operates.


“Dana,” Graham said, “he needs to be liked. If people like him, that’s fine. If they don’t like him and say so, he attacks.”


At the White House, Trump told Jones, “it’s all up to Schumer and the Democrats in the Senate.”


“CHIP be damned. Immigrants be damned. I’m goin’ golfing as soon as I get to Mar-a-Lago.”


“You see, Johanna, the best deal for the American people is for me to enjoy myself.”