Peeved That He Might Not Be Invited to Prince Harry's Wedding, Trump Breaks Relations with UK

Prince Harry has declined to say whether his friend, President Obama, will be invited to his May wedding to biracial American actress Meghan Markle ( His equivocation immediately fanned speculation that Obama’s successor might not be invited. 


Earlier today, after throwing a typically Trumpian fit, Donald Trump broke diplomatic relations with the Court of St. James’s because of Prince Harry’s silence. Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones observed his meltdown.


Trump also announced that four US Air Force bases in the UK will be closed.


In January 2015, the US Department of Defense announced that its operations at RAF Mildenhall will end and be relocated to Germany. Knowing this, Trump has, for several months now, been lobbying British Prime Minister Theresa May to grant him permission to put a useless casino there, free for nothing, to evidence her high personal regard for him.


“I supported Brexit much more strongly than that May woman,” Trump yelled. “The hell with the Brits, they have no idea what they’re doing.”


White supremacist leader Richard Spencer picketed the British Embassy in Washington because the Royals will now include a half black woman. Trump’s close personal friend, Steve Bannon, joined Spencer and his scruffy skinheads.