Trump Lashes out at Miss America Pageant; Ivanka Praises the ACA

Here we go again.


Sam Haskell, CEO of the Miss America Organization, got his yesterday after it was learned that he had sent emails disparaging pageant contestants ( Haskell has been relieved of his arduous duties.


Donald Trump doesn’t watch CNN because he knows full well that CNN has the goods on him, but associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with First Daughter Ivanka when Ivanka told him about the CNN report about Haskell.


Trump then tweeted that when he ran the Miss Universe Pageant, his contestants were all superior to every Miss America. “And I also enjoyed their company behind the scenes,” he said, and Ivanka smiled knowingly.


Ivanka then told him that the number of people who signed up for the Affordable Care Act by yesterday’s deadline had greatly exceeded expectations ( “Daddy,” she said, “don’t you think that some people really benefited from the ACA?”


Trump growled and said “Only the losers did. I’m so glad I got Congress to kill it.”


“Everything I have done since I got here has been fantastic.”


Ivanka decided not to tell him that his numbers in the polls are at an all-time low.