Christie Demands That Trump Fire Sessions and Make Him Attorney General

Moments after Sen. Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey) emerged happily from a federal courtroom after Judge William Walls declared a mistrial in his corruption case, unthin New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican who will soon be replaced by Democrat Phil Murphy, called Donald Trump, with associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman at his side, and told him in his characteristically blunt style, “Sir, Roy Moore is a sure loser and he’s behind Doug Jones in the polls. You have to take a stand on this as the purported leader of our Party. You should fire Sessions, send him to Alabama to run against Roy Moore, and put me in thereat Justice to replace him.”


This, after Politico’s Josh Dawsey held a lengthy interview with Christie about his regrets,


“To show you how serious I am, I am willing to have you appoint me as the United States Attorney for New Jersey, a job in which I did phenomenally well before I successfully ran twice for governor in this state. Even though going back to my old job is really a step down, what I’m going to do is to go after Menendez big time, retry him, and get a conviction so he will be expelled from the Senate so somebody sensible, somebody who is not a Bannon protégé, can win as a Republican senator from this blue state.”


“If I do all those things for you I expect you to nominate me to replace Sessions. I assure you that with my extremely suave and winning demeanor, I will easily win confirmation. Then, I will help you get reelected and then I will run to succeed you.”


But associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was sitting right next to Trump, and she heard him mince no words to Christie: “Chris, not a chance. You’ll never leave the Garden State. Go visit Jon Stewart at Bufflehead Farm, his sanctuary for abused animals in your home state. Tell him you’ve been abused, but not by me.”