Trump's Difficult Relationship with Reality

Donald Trump is taller than Vladimir Putin.


But that didn’t stop him from falling hook line and sinker for Putin’s lies in Danang.


On Air Force One from Danang to Hanoi, Trump spoke to reporters, even though he hates them.


He said that he had a couple of conversations with Putin in Danang in which the Russian dictator assured him (while lying through his teeth) that nobody in Russia, especially him, meddled in last year’s presidential election.


Even though the entire American Intelligence Community has long ago reached consensus that Putin personally directed the meddling, Trump yesterday verbally overruled the entire American Intelligence Community, once again.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was so offended that she leapt forward and yelled “You idiot! You’ve lost all touch with reality!”


Jones was pummeled by Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex”Alles. Alles gagged her, but the White House Press Corps promptly accused him of sexual harassment.