As W Says, There Is A Reason

W used to say there is a reason for everything.


Yes, it was W who slammed Donald Trump today for fomenting bigotry and havoc both here and around the world. Both W and John McCain have been looking better and better these days.


There is a reason why Trump is spending a major portion of his non-Twitter time considering whom he will nominate to be US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.


It’s all about Trump Tower, which is in the Southern District.


Not only that, but he personally met with Jessie Liu before she was confirmed as Trump's US Attorney for the District of Columbia, because that’s where Special Counsel Robert Mueller will bring indictments against Trump’s few friends and, quite possibly, even Trump himself.


Early on, Trump fired Pres. Obama’s Southern District of New York US Attorney Preet Bharaba, who said yesterday that it is improper for a president to meet directly with a potential US Attorney nominee. Despite this, Trump has personally interviewed Geoffrey Berman, a lawyer with politically-oriented law firm Greenberg Traurig, as a leading candidate for the Southern District post.


As associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson watched in amazement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has become accustomed to being publicly humiliated by Trump, told Politico’s Josh Dawsey, “Ah’m seriously thinkin’ of how very nice Mobile is at this tahm of year. Ah’m gettin’ real real sick of this Washington swamp. Any Alabama swamp would be much bettah than here in DC."


When Sessions resigns, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will be the Acting Attorney General — and of course it was Rosenstein who appointed Mueller as Special Counsel. That's why Trump just told Thompson that Little Marco Rubio would have made a better president. This caused Thompson to collapse in amazement, and he was rushed to the emergency room of nearby George Washington Hospital.