Collins Set to Remain in Senate; AMA to Launch Campaign to Impeach Trump; 김정은 and Trump Will Meet Mano a Mano on Guam

There is so much real news to report on today, but we have to start somewhere.


Moments ago, at a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Rockport, Maine, Sen. Susan Collins, one of the Senate’s few “moderate” Republicans, announced that she will stay in the Senate rather than run for governor in 2018. Maine’s bombastic, highly Trumpistic governor, Paul LePage, is (thankfully) term-limited. For some great fake news about LePage, please see our October 5 report about your solitary reporter’s imaginary confrontation with him at the Maine State Fair, "Solitary Reporter Foments Political Insurrection in Maine” ( Associate solitary reporter Victor Chambers has just tweeted us that LePage has vowed to run against Collins in 2020.


Had the popular Collins decided to run for governor, she would likely have been a shoo-in, and Dems would have had an easy time replacing her with a goodol’gal Dem such as Congresswoman Shellie Pingree, who represents the southern part of Maine.


Always eager to hurt his base, who catapulted him into the Oval Office because former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was so much better qualified than he to lead the free world, Donald Trump told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones that Mainers (sometimes called “Maniacs”) that he is deeply unhappy with Collins’ decision to stay in the Senate after she helped tube the McConnell-Ryan plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Yesterday, Trump gutted the ACA by pulling badly needed subsidies for poor people from the ACA. Trump’s action is guaranteed to increase insurance companies’ premiums, especially for poor people (

Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman tells us that the American Medical Association will, later today, announce plans to convince House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Virginia) to file articles of impeachment against Trump.


Turning next to Trump’s continuing confrontations with Kim III, the dictator of North Korea, who is even more unstable than Trump, associate solitary reporter Jones just tweeted us to report that Trump and Kim III will meet tomorrow on Guam to battle mano a mano after Kim renewed his threat to nuke our very important military base in the Western Pacific. Since Trump is 71 and Kim III (김정은) is only 34, it’s anybody’s guess as to who the winner of the mano a mano will be, but there are indications that the Secret Service will do its best to prevent Trump from leaving Mar-a-Lago or Bedminster for the engagement. But if the Secret Service can’t keep that from happening, rest assured that he will bring Melania with him so she can coo sweetly to him after he takes Kim down.