Trump Will Appoint Pruitt To Justice Kennedy's Vacancy; Corker Is Now a Democrat

Yesterday, as EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt rescinded dozens of actions taken by President Obama to save the planet, Donald Trump, luxuriating at his private golf club in Bedminister, New Jersey, told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones that as soon as Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, 81, calls him to announce his retirement, he will appoint Pruitt to succeed him.


“Scott’s totally my kind of guy,” Trump told Jones. “He was Oklahoma’s Attorney General and he sued the EPA fourteen times, which is why I put him in there at EPA and made him famous by doing exactly what I said I would do by ending Obama’s War on Coal. He’ll be an even better pick for the Supreme Court than Neil Gorsuch.”


In other news, Tennessee’s Republican junior senator, Bob Corker, in a bigly Twitter feud with Trump, told associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, “I’m done. I’m all in. Trump has ruined the Grand Old Party. I’m changing my party registration to Democrat. Schumer was here moments ago giving me a bear hug. And Al Gore, who used to represent Tennessee in the Senate, is ecstatic.”